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Details: 6”x12” original colored pencil on birch wood sealed with a cold wax. this piece will come with a handcrafted frame as well as a certificate of authenticity. Note all art pieces should be hung out of direct natural light. UV rays damage original pieces quickly. 

Fireweed flower heals the heart and is symbolizes resilience. It transforms painful experiences by dissolving the emotion around them, leaving only the lessons learned. 

A Native American legend tells of a maiden who rescues her lover in captivity by a neighboring tribe. Before he was about to be tortured, she set fire to the forest around the camp, and as the tribe fled, she carried her wounded love and ran through the woods, though he was heavy. Wherever her moccasins touched the ground, a flame sprang up driving the enemy back. As the tribe gave up the chase, fireweed sprang up through the blackened earth. Fireweed’s increase seems to have occurred at the same time as the expansion of the railway network and the occurring soil disturbance.

Shipping: This art piece is thoroughly packaged to protect this art piece during transit. each piece includes a "hints" page to ensure the greatest longevity of your piece. 

Please allow 2-4 weeks for the preparation and packaging of your piece it takes time to ensure your piece is well protected for shipping. 

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