Icelandic Turf House Gicle Paper Prints

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Iceland has been a special place for me. It has lured me back multiple times and every time I discover more treasures. This Hut was found as we drove around the Island on the ring road. It was nestled on the beach in a small fjord. We were surprised when we ventured out to it that  it was actually a ornothology cottage. It looked over the sea so one could gaze out at the puffins flying by or the seals playing in the bay. I have been excited to draw it for a few years now and am when I found this unique piece of wood I was smitten. The original piece was drawn in Prismacolor.

Choose from the 6x12”, 9x18” archival giclee paper print- each come packaged in a clear bag with cardboard backing- or the 12x24”, 16x34"or 24x48” print, all of which come rolled in a cardboard tube.

Original Dimensions: 24" x 48"

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