Iceland Turf House

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Details: 24"x48” original colored pencil on birch wood sealed with a cold wax. this piece will come with a handcrafted frame as well as a certificate of authenticity. Note all art pieces should be hung out of direct natural light. UV rays damage original pieces quickly. 

Iceland’s grass-roofed houses are undoubtedly a part of the country’s persona and heritage. Through the rough climate and isolation, the turf houses kept the Vikings warm and throughout 11 hundred years until the houses, you might see today were built. Iceland might not have many ancient and grand buildings to show off like most of the European countries but if you look closely you’ll still find some of the old turf houses and can even visit them and explore.

Shipping: This art piece is thoroughly packaged to protect this art piece during transit. each piece includes a "hints" page to ensure the greatest longevity of your piece. 

Please allow 2-4 weeks for the preparation and packaging of your piece it takes time to ensure your piece is well protected for shipping. 

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