I'll Go where U.Go (The Plein Air Easel that sucked me in)

I never wanted one… for some reason in my mind getting a plein air easel meant that I had to paint… turns out. I don’t have to. I can use this handy stand to do all my sketching too. But here’s the thing. My art takes what feels like a hundred years to finish one piece so the whole plein air thing never made sense to me. But… When I saw one of my art show friends have this handy contraption, my opinion started to change. The U.Go just is a bit different. it comes with the top the bottom and everything in between. 

I loved seeing everyone stop to see what creations she was making! It was so neat to see peoples faces light up to see an artist in action. So I became determined to find a way to introduce this little guy into my creative process. Here is what I have learned

  1. It's light as a feather… from a wooden bird. 

It’s lighter and easier than the rest but when you aren’t used to carrying anything. This thing is worse than me just hauling up a piece of wood. So why not just haul up a piece of wood. Well now I have to haul up 2 pieces of wood… not sure that's my jam. BUT… I loved having something to prop up my piece of wood and I didn’t have to hold the piece. It was nice to feel more fluid.

  1. I have to adjust. 

So instead of hauling up a piece of wood I decided to do sketches and watercolors instead. I am not much of an acrylic or oil painter so this is my middle ground. WHICH I LOVE. Who knew compromise would be such a winner. So now I take a sketchbook or my watercolor paper and my small travel pallet and I am smitten.  

  1. I love when people stare. 

It is so much fun to go to a place and have people get excited seeing an artist capturing a place. I like that this thing kind of forces me to stand out. I like to hide away in the corner but when you have an easel you are right up there checking things out and people are checking you out… I mean the creations. 

  1. Other things that I needed. 

Of course… pencils if I am sketching… good on mechanical are my favorite but if you want to feel artsy snag a drafting pencil with replaceable led. I like it better than a drawing pencil. If I sketch I am really only using colored pencils or a mechanical one. 

Watercolor paper…I like Fabriano watercolor blocks… winner winner. Or arches blocks. These are fantastic options. Now If you are going the watercolor route I would also get these brushes… I am simple though. I like easy peasy. Mr pen is just that. And they are quite inexpensive. Now, What I like to get is this palette from Windsor Newton. Again, Easy Peasy. 

Alright now that I have shpealed enough… go create something so I can stop rambling 😀

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